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Unlocking the potential of ‘real’ staff engagement

Wednesday April 17, 10:30am

Last week I had the opportunity to visit a hospital in another part of the country not once, but twice.  Being the nosey parker I am, I didn’t miss the opportunity to talk to staff, patients and visitors about their experiences. What I found were incredible friendly, committed staff who...

Embracing patient stories to improve care

Tuesday April 9, 9:39am

I was recently told my daughter needs an operation under general anaesthetic.  As the doctor said the words my heart was in my mouth and my stomach in my chest.  My precious baby (albeit a 9 year old baby), was going to have surgery with all the risk and anxiety...

Pitching communication at the right level

Wednesday March 27, 10:21am

This month my twins turned seven.  Seven is the average reading age of the population in parts of the area where my trust provides health services.  Of course, many local people read perfectly well, but some read no English at all. My twins are quite good at reading.  They can...

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