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Communications Work Experience – Lizz

Friday July 5, 11:51am

Having recently finished university, graduating with a 2:1 in media and communication studies, much like many other unemployed, ex-students out there the harsh reality of both no longer being cocooned within the safety blanket of ‘education’ and branded jobless landed at my doorstep. Experience is important, especially within the current...

Embracing patient stories to improve care

Tuesday April 9, 9:39am

I was recently told my daughter needs an operation under general anaesthetic.  As the doctor said the words my heart was in my mouth and my stomach in my chest.  My precious baby (albeit a 9 year old baby), was going to have surgery with all the risk and anxiety...

A day in the life of an NHS Manager

Wednesday October 17, 2:34pm

I have recently started at SWBH as a management trainee, working in Surgery B.  I am on a graduate training programme for two years, the first of which will be as a general manager in Ophthalmology for 12 months.  I started in the beginning of September and I have had a very...

Communications gets social

Tuesday August 7, 11:59am

After settling into our new work environment we have started to get back into our normal working habits. I will admit hot desking in a room with the Trust’s Executive team did have us all whispering as if in a library to begin with….that’s no way to communicate...

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