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A day in the life of an NHS manager – What is my team role?

Friday January 4, 10:52am

I have started 2013 at work by doing the ‘Belbin Test’ to find out my team role.  I answered a questionnaire about statements that I would use to describe myself.  For each category, for example ‘when contributing to group projects in general’ I choose two statements that I thought most...

Surprise Surprise

Thursday November 15, 3:26pm

I previously mentioned a film crew coming to Sandwell Hospital but was under strict instructions not to let it slip what the crew were in for. A documentary on volunteering in hospitals and an educational video for students was just two of the excuses we came up with… the reason...

A day in the life of an NHS Manager

Wednesday October 17, 2:34pm

I have recently started at SWBH as a management trainee, working in Surgery B.  I am on a graduate training programme for two years, the first of which will be as a general manager in Ophthalmology for 12 months.  I started in the beginning of September and I have had a very...

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