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The journey to a non-smoking life – Day 16

Thursday February 21, 9:19am

Okay so I will admit I have had a slip up. During the 16 days of supposedly smoke free living I have had a few days when I fell off the wagon but I am determined to pick myself up again! Last week SWBH held a Twitter chat with one...

The journey to a non-smoking life – Day 7

Tuesday February 12, 11:19am

I can’t believe I have reached day 7! If I survive today I will have lasted a whole week without a cigarette! I know technically a week isn’t that long but I feel I need to celebrate the little milestones to keep me going. I have already started to feel...

The journey to a non-smoking life – Day 3

Friday February 8, 12:00pm

As you can see I didn’t report on day 2 of my non smoking life, this is not because I relapsed, this is because I was suffering from severe agitation! I have now calmed down a bit and have realised I need to keep up with the Nicotine Replacement Therapy...

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