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A day in the life of….a senior operational manager

Thursday May 2, 3:13pm

On a Thursday I am the escalation manager, this means that I am responsible for alleviating four hour breaches in the Ophthalmology Emergency Department (ED). The department is unique in that this is the only ophthalmic ED in the Midlands, we have patients from all over Birmingham and the Black...

Embracing patient stories to improve care

Tuesday April 9, 9:39am

I was recently told my daughter needs an operation under general anaesthetic.  As the doctor said the words my heart was in my mouth and my stomach in my chest.  My precious baby (albeit a 9 year old baby), was going to have surgery with all the risk and anxiety...

A day in the life of an NHS manager – What is my team role?

Friday January 4, 10:52am

I have started 2013 at work by doing the ‘Belbin Test’ to find out my team role.  I answered a questionnaire about statements that I would use to describe myself.  For each category, for example ‘when contributing to group projects in general’ I choose two statements that I thought most...

A day in the life of an NHS manager – Building relationships

Thursday November 1, 3:12pm

Now I’ve had a few weeks to settle in to my new role here at SWBH, I’ve got to know Surgery B a bit better and got to know some of the staff. Everyone has been really welcoming and very supportive, and it’s been great working with all different members of...

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