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Goodbye to BMEC

Thursday September 19, 9:05am

My last two weeks at the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre coincided with the first two for the new matron, who asked me what the best moment of my placement was.  My first thought was that I couldn’t possibly pick; the year went by in a blur of hard work...

A day in the life of an NHS manager – The Generation Game

Monday April 22, 1:08pm

One of the biggest challenges facing the NHS is that the pre-war “grateful generation” is being replaced by a new generation that are more demanding and less satisfied with the NHS.  This graph shows that the pre-war generation is consistently more satisfied with the NHS and that as the “baby...

A day in the life of an NHS manager – Public Trust board meetings

Tuesday March 12, 12:16pm

Last week I went to the trust’s public board meeting, partly out of interest and partly as I am writing an essay for my masters on governance.  What immediately struck me was that there were no members of the public there.  A quick survey of other trainees told me that...

A day in the life of an NHS Manager – Communication

Friday February 15, 1:08pm

This week at BMEC has been all about communication.  In the current climate and with increased competition in the NHS promoting our services is becoming essential.  This is quite a new concept for the NHS and something that has been done to varying success in other trusts. Every member of...

A day in the life of an NHS manager – Coaching and Mentoring

Monday January 21, 9:36am

I started this week with a meeting with my mentor, David Melbourne, the acting chief executive at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  On the NHS graduate scheme we are encouraged to meet with the chief executive of our own trust, as well as finding a mentor externally.  Before John Adler left SWBH...

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