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The journey to a healthier life – judgment day

Tuesday April 9, 10:14am

My work over the past few weeks to try to reduce my blood pressure will soon be tested, the doctor’s appointment is booked and judgment day is tomorrow! Despite cutting out the caffeine and eating fruit and vegetables until they come out of my ears I am still unsure if...

The journey to a healthier life

Tuesday March 19, 12:54pm

When I first started this blog it was to help motivate myself and others into quitting smoking. After discovering my blood pressure was extremely high I have now had to change a lot of my lifestyle choices in order to try to reduce it. Not only does this include quitting...

The journey to a non-smoking life – Day 37

Friday March 15, 12:21pm

There have been slip ups galore over the past eleven days but after a visit to my GP yesterday who informed me my blood pressure is really rather high especially for someone in their 20s, I think I have now found my motivation again. As stop smoking is one of...

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