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Be better, go further, achieve more

Thursday May 9, 5:03pm

Next month I’m due to abseil down a 120ft building for the SWBH charities in memory of a young nurse who died tragically and suddenly from an asthma attack. I remember going onto the ward shortly after she died.  It felt as if the heart had been ripped out of...

Let the training commence

Friday February 15, 3:49pm

Things in our emerging fundraising team got pretty busy in the run up to Christmas and we had lots of generous people stopping by to donate presents for our patients. It was pretty amazing but crazy busy. So I took the opportunity to take my foot off the gas for...

A day in the life of an NHS Manager – Communication

Friday February 15, 1:08pm

This week at BMEC has been all about communication.  In the current climate and with increased competition in the NHS promoting our services is becoming essential.  This is quite a new concept for the NHS and something that has been done to varying success in other trusts. Every member of...

Challenge Charlie

Friday November 2, 11:48am

Let me introduce myself. I’m Charlie, and I’m a bear with a fundraising mission:  I want you to challenge me to help you raise money for Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals Charity! The SWBH Hospitals Charity raises money to improve the experience of patients in all of the Trust’s hospitals...

It started with a bear…

Friday October 19, 3:48pm

Well, it has been an interesting couple of weeks in fundraising. I’ve carted a giant teddy bear around the hospital, got to grips with the responsibility of being official tweeter at the staff awards and made some good contacts during filming of The One Show in City Hospital’s main entrance...

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