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Engaging our members – what can we learn from the co-op?

Tuesday September 25, 1:27pm

By it’s very nature, engagement is as diverse as the uniqueness of the individuals taking part.  It is not a packet of cake mix, complete with toppings that you can pick off the supermarket shelf, rather a wonderful blend of ingredients, hand picked to bake a cake to satisfy the...

Communications Work Experience July – September 2012

Thursday September 20, 11:54am

For the past 10 weeks I have been working with the Communications Department at SWBH and have gained valuable experience of working in the Communications environment. During this time I have enjoyed numerous opportunities to learn more about the world of work, I’ve been fortunate enough to try my hand...

Just another manic Monday?

Monday August 20, 12:00pm

After a week off work on annual leave it was soon time to head back to the office and back to a busting at the seams email inbox…everyone knows what it is like the first day back, the alarm clock seems to have got louder, your bed doesn’t want you...

Communications gets social

Tuesday August 7, 11:59am

After settling into our new work environment we have started to get back into our normal working habits. I will admit hot desking in a room with the Trust’s Executive team did have us all whispering as if in a library to begin with….that’s no way to communicate...

Maternity: A day in the life of a midwife

Wednesday June 6, 12:02pm

A Day in the Life of: Sayeh Damavandi, Midwife. Sayeh Damavandi, who currently works as a midwife in Sandwell Hospital’s delivery suite, has been with Trust since 2001. Sayeh came to the Trust from Iran where she first trained as a midwife. She joined as a trainee and as soon as...

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