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The journey to a healthier life – Eureka

Monday April 22, 5:09pm

This is going to sound like the most obvious ‘eureka’ moment ever but, eating well and exercising works! It’s true! After weeks of pushing myself to eat mountains of fresh fruit and vegetables, cut down on caffeine and salt all whilst trying to fit the odd bit of exercise in...

The journey to a healthier life – judgment day

Tuesday April 9, 10:14am

My work over the past few weeks to try to reduce my blood pressure will soon be tested, the doctor’s appointment is booked and judgment day is tomorrow! Despite cutting out the caffeine and eating fruit and vegetables until they come out of my ears I am still unsure if...

The journey to a healthier life – snow woes

Monday March 25, 2:54pm

If you have read my previous post you will know I am trying to give up a LOT all at once in order to try to reduce my high blood pressure. The most difficult of these was not in fact my comfort glass of Sauvignon Blanc on an...

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