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Let the training commence

Friday February 15, 3:49pm

Things in our emerging fundraising team got pretty busy in the run up to Christmas and we had lots of generous people stopping by to donate presents for our patients. It was pretty amazing but crazy busy. So I took the opportunity to take my foot off the gas for...

A day in the life of an NHS manager – Coaching and Mentoring

Monday January 21, 9:36am

I started this week with a meeting with my mentor, David Melbourne, the acting chief executive at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  On the NHS graduate scheme we are encouraged to meet with the chief executive of our own trust, as well as finding a mentor externally.  Before John Adler left SWBH...

A day in the life of an NHS manager – achieving goals

Wednesday November 28, 1:01pm

For inspiration for my blog post this week, I have taken inspiration from another blog ( ) which uses the method “thinking differently” in order to think creatively about situations.  It can be tempting (and let’s face it, easier) to talk about problems by recycling the same old solutions, but...

A day in the life of an NHS manager – Leading improvement through people

Wednesday November 14, 3:35pm

I feel like I’ve travelled loads this week, as I went to University Hospital Coventry on Monday to meet some of my colleagues from the graduate programme for our first action learning set; “Action Learning is a process underpinned by a belief in individual potential: a way of learning from...

Spooky tales from the City Hospital security team

Monday October 29, 10:41am

There are many tales of strange and supernatural occurrences that happen across the City hospital site, how many are due to lack of sleep, the fact that the buildings around the Trust are old and have stories attached to them which result in people’s imaginations becoming overactive it is hard...

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