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Goodbye to BMEC

Thursday September 19, 9:05am

My last two weeks at the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre coincided with the first two for the new matron, who asked me what the best moment of my placement was.  My first thought was that I couldn’t possibly pick; the year went by in a blur of hard work...

Pitching communication at the right level

Wednesday March 27, 10:21am

This month my twins turned seven.  Seven is the average reading age of the population in parts of the area where my trust provides health services.  Of course, many local people read perfectly well, but some read no English at all. My twins are quite good at reading.  They can...

A day in the life of an NHS manager – achieving goals

Wednesday November 28, 1:01pm

For inspiration for my blog post this week, I have taken inspiration from another blog ( ) which uses the method “thinking differently” in order to think creatively about situations.  It can be tempting (and let’s face it, easier) to talk about problems by recycling the same old solutions, but...

A day in the life of an NHS Manager

Wednesday October 17, 2:34pm

I have recently started at SWBH as a management trainee, working in Surgery B.  I am on a graduate training programme for two years, the first of which will be as a general manager in Ophthalmology for 12 months.  I started in the beginning of September and I have had a very...

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