Kids 6-10

Welcome to the children’s wards at City and Sandwell Hospitals. We hope to make your stay with us as fun and as comfy as we can.

Our ward at City Hospital is for children who don’t need to be here long. Our ward at Sandwell Hospital is for children who need to stay for more than a day.

What should I bring with me?

  • Any medicine you are already taking
  • Pyjamas
  • Dressing gown
  • Slippers
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Underwear
  •  Toothbrush and toothpaste
  •  Hairbrush
  •  A book or magazine
  •  A little bit of pocket money for magazines or chocolate

Please do not bring:

  • Your mobile phone if it has a camera
  • Towels or flannels – we can give you towels and flannels to use because it can be hard to    get these dry in hospital

What will happen when I arrive at the ward?

You will be welcomed by a friendly nurse who will show you to your bed.

The nurse will ask you some questions about your how you feel.

They will also measure your:

  • Temperature – to tell if you are too hot or too cold
  • Blood Pressure – to check that you have no problems with your heart or blood.
  • Height
  • Weight

What happens during the day?

8am – 9am: Breakfast – You can have toast and/or cereal

9am – 12noon: Doctors ward round – At some point during the morning the doctors will visit you.    They will want to know how you are and might examine you.

12noon: Lunch – There is a choice of sandwiches, fruit and crisps.

5pm – 5.30pm:  Dinner/supper – This is a hot meal which you choose from a menu earlier in the day.

9pm: Quiet time – After 9pm please use a dimmer light and headphones so that you don’t wake up the other patients. You should try and go to sleep by 10pm.

When am I allowed visitors?

Your parents can visit you and stay with you whenever they are able to, day or night. One of your parents can stay with you overnight and sleep in the reclining chair next to your bed.

Other visitors can come between 10am and 7pm. We only allow 2 people to visit at the same time.

Where will I be on the ward?

We try to put all young people of similar ages in the same area of the ward. We also try to put boys together and girls together but there are some times when this is not possible. You should be asked if you mind sharing with members of the opposite sex. There are boys and girls toilets and showers.

What is there to do on the ward?

There are lots of things on the ward to keep you entertained:

  • TVs by your bed – These have standard TV channels. At City hospital they are always free; at Sandwell Hospital they are free from 7am until 7pm and are then £1 for 2 hours. The TVs also have 8 games and a hospital radio station on them which are always free.
  • DVD and videos – We have a wide selection of DVDs and videos on the ward for you to watch.
  • Games consoles – There is a Playstation, Xbox and a Nintendo Wii.
  • Magazines – We have a weekly supply of popular magazines.
  • Art and craft activities

Who are the staff on the ward and what do they do?

There are lots of different people working on the ward and it can get a bit confusing who does what. The wards have photo boards of most of the people who work there. Here is a quick guide to who’s who on the ward.


Nurses wear a blue tunic and trousers; the darker the blue of their tunic, the more senior (high up and important!) they are.

You will be seen lots of times throughout the day by a nurse who is looking after you. This nurse will only be looking after you for the whole time they are there that day. The nurses all want to help you so don’t be scared to tell them how you are feeling, ask questions and tell them if there is anything they can do to help.


Doctors on the ward don’t wear a uniform. They wear smart clothes and name badges. It is the doctors’ job to make sure we are finding out why you are ill and giving you the right treatment for this. They visit you at least once a day to see how you are doing and see if you might be well enough to go home.


Depending on why you are in hospital you might be seen by a physiotherapist. They are very good at helping you build your muscle strength, which you might need to help you get moving again after hurting yourself. They are also good at helping you get over a chest infection by showing you ways to strengthen your lungs again.

Play specialists

Play therapists wear a red shirt and dark blue trousers. They are here to make your stay in hospital as fun as they can. They can help if there is anything you are worried or scared about such as needles, pain or doctors. They can help you get involved with any of the activities you want to do.

School teachers

During term time, if you are well enough, we have teachers who will make sure you still do some schoolwork! The teachers work from 9.30am until 12.30pm. If you are well enough they can teach you in the school room. Otherwise they can come and see you at your bedside.

What treatment will I have?

The treatment you have will depend on why you are in hospital. We will explain any treatment you need to your first and you can ask us any questions you have. We only give you treatments that are the best way of making you better.

Will I have to have a blood test?

You might have to have some blood taken at some point. This is so we can test it to decide why you are well and how to get you better.

To take your blood we use a small needle. We can apply a ‘magic cream’ to the area where we take blood from to numb it first so you won’t feel the needle. The ‘magic cream’ takes just over half an hour to work. If you are scared of needles then tell us so we can find ways of making it easier for you.

What will happen if I’m having an operation?

If you are having an operation it will be explained to you and your parents. Your parents will need to sign a consent form to say that you are happy for the operation to go ahead.

When you go for your operation one of your parents can go with you and stay with you until you are asleep.

When will I be able to go home?

You can go home when you are better. When you are at home we may ask a nurse to visit you to check you are ok and give you medication, but not everyone needs to see a nurse at home.

Most of all… we hope that you have a good time with us and that you get better very quickly.

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