Sexual Health

Sex is a healthy part of modern relationships, and it’s certainly something a lot of people like to think about.

However, many people don’t like to actually talk about sex because it can be embarrassing. There are many ways to have fun during sex, but unless they’re done carefully and with proper precautions there can be some major problems. These include unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

By far the best way to avoid unwanted pregnancies or STIs is to practice safe sex using contraceptives.


In today’s fairly liberal society, sex seems to be everywhere – on TV, the movies, the Internet, and in celebrity culture and fashion. Whether we realise it or not, this affects how we behave. People often dress to ‘look sexy’ on a night out, or drive a ‘sexy’ car. It’s because people want to be attractive and be noticed, and to find a partner. Younger people are often quite preoccupied by sex, especially teenagers. This is quite normal, and all part of going through puberty when they change from being children to adults. In addition to the physical changes of growing up, their bodies become flush with hormones and biological urges that make them think about – and sometimes even dream about – sex. Young people worry about what their parents might think, or are confused about the feelings they have. Some can’t wait to have sex, while others want to wait. Some aren’t sure if they like boys or girls and are concerned that they may be gay or lesbian.