Keeping Fit

Just 30 minutes of activity a day will strengthen your heart

Keeping fit is the best way to keep the heart strong.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a fitness fanatic – not everybody can visit the gym three times a week or play football every Sunday morning (although if you can do this then good for you!).

There are easier ways to stay active, and these will still help your heart. Just 30 minutes of activity a day will help you feel the difference. Click here for just some suggestions on how to incorporate exercise into your daily life.

More information

Regardless of their size or shape, our bodies are amazing things. The human heart beats around 38 million times every year, pumping blood around our bodies and allowing us to do some pretty impressive stuff. It’s how we see, hear, think, touch, smell and move about. The heart needs to be kept strong to do all this work. If we don’t look after our hearts, then there might be problems. These things won’t happen overnight, but over time there’s the risk of gaining weight, heart disease or strokes.