Eat Well

Fruit and vegetables should make up a third of your daily food intake

There’s an old phrase which says: “You are what you eat”.

This doesn’t mean you’re likely to turn into a beetroot – instead it means that to be fit and healthy we need to eat healthy food.

Our bodies need food to survive, but not just any food. We need a balanced diet to have enough energy to fight disease and infections, and to stay healthy.

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More information

If we don’t eat healthily, then over time there’s the risk of gaining or losing too much weight, and of problems with:

  • the heart
  • blood pressure
  • bones and teeth
  • eyes
  • liver and kidneys
  • skin and hair
It’s not always easy. Some people with health conditions like diabetes or allergies need to be extra careful about what they eat, while others may be vegetarian or vegan