More than 1 in 25 adults are dependant on alcohol

Alcohol is a drug, and like all drugs people can become dependent on them.

People who drink too much can quickly become anxious, violent or aggressive, forgetful, and unable to stand or drive. Long-term heavy drinking can lead to problems with the liver, heart and pancreas, weight gain, skin problems and the risk of cancer.  It can also lead to work and family problems.

Drinking small amounts occasionally won’t do any lasting harm, but drinking more often can have completely different effects. Make sure you know your limits!

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Many people enjoy a little alcohol from time. We meet friends over a beer, celebrate success with a glass of bubbly, sip wine with dinner in a restaurant, or cry into a pint if England lose on penalties. Alcohol seems to be a part of everyday life. Alcohol generally relaxes us and makes us feel a bit more sociable, but it's important to drink in moderation.