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Chief Executives Blog – March 2015

Wednesday March 18, 2:18pm

A hectic month, trying to deliver what we promised this year and get ready to deliver our (hopefully your) ambitions next year.  Many of our staff tell me either that they are not sure of the plan, or that it changes a lot.  I accept the communication challenge that implies...

Chief Executive’s Blog – February 2015

Monday February 23, 11:36am

February has been a big month for public involvement and engagement at the Trust, or it has been in my opinion.  We have kicked off the public meetings about changes in cardiac interventional care and acute emergency surgery that I wrote about here last month.  Meanwhile, a CCG led process...

Chief Executive’s Blog – January 2015

Monday February 23, 11:35am

Coming towards the end of January, I have had chance to reflect a little on 2014 and on what we are trying to achieve in 2015.    As I write this, we are celebrating one whole year at the Trust without a Never Event.  You may know that Never Events are...

Chief Executive’s Blog – December 2014

Friday December 12, 3:59pm

Last week, I recorded a Christmas message for hospital radio.  There are only so many ways to say thank you to colleagues working this festive season, and their families who miss them.  But thank you nonetheless – working in the NHS is a privilege, but also places great demands on...

Chief Executives Blog – November 2014

Tuesday November 4, 6:15pm

I do not usually quote the Nursing Times in aid, but I am absolutely thrilled that our iCares team, which provides specialist community care across Sandwell, has scooped their top national award for Integrated Care.  I was just as pleased to spend time with the team and hear individuals describe...

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