About engage

Welcome to engage from Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust.

Thanks for stopping by – we hope you find these pages useful, and that you’ll sign up to the extra benefits the site has to offer.

We’re sure you’ll have some questions, so here goes…

What is engage?

Engage is a health website with a difference – it brings health promotion and social networking together under one roof. Not only will you find a great deal of information and advice about healthy living, but you can also sign up to become a member and enjoy other benefits too. Anybody over the age of 11 can join the site, create a profile and contribute to the site.

What can I do?

Members have access to a vibrant online community. You can discuss health issues and share your experiences in our discussions section, or ask questions to our on-line experts. You’ll receive invitations to exclusive events and have the opportunity to become a Governor, giving you the opportunity to influence the shape of health care in Sandwell and West Birmingham.

What kind of people are members?

Anybody and everybody! Members are just ordinary people – members of the public – who want to share their experiences, give their opinions, or make contact. You’ll also find expert members of staff who can answer questions or give advice.

What do people talk about?

Anything and everything that’s health related! You can talk about diet, health and fitness, share your experience and concerns about drug and alcohol abuse, or give advice on travelling to different parts of the world. You can offer support and comfort to people who may be recovering from illness – in fact, there are too many things to mention here. Why not have a look around, and see if there’s something you want to contribute to?

Is there anything for kids?

Of course! Parents and children can look around our Kids Zone for lots of fun content, competitions and games. They can also find out about visiting hospital, and calming any nerves or fears about going.

Is there anything to pay?

Absolutely not. You don’t have to be a member at all to browse the site and find out lots of useful information about healthy living. If you want to ask questions or join in with any discussions, then you can sign up and register a profile – just like MySpace or Facebook. It’s completely free.

Are my details safe and secure?

Of course. And we won’t share your details with anybody. You can choose to opt out at any time.

Why engage?

With around 7,500 members, SWBH NHS Trust is dedicated to improving and shaping healthcare in the West Midlands by supporting each other and giving people an opportunity to contribute. That contribution is very important to us, and – we hope – to you. By becoming a member you can really make a difference.

What is my user name and password?

Your user name can be anything you want it to be. It can be your name, your nickname or something completely random – just make sure you can remember it! Simply type it in when you register and we’ll let you know if it’s available. Your password can also be anything, but we suggest you make it personal so no one else can guess it. Also try mixing in some capital letters and numbers to make it more secure.

Join engage today and share your health experiences.

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